Couple devastated, facing hefty bill


An Oamaru couple have been left devastated and with a hefty vet bill after their beloved dog was hit by a car on Wednesday.

Bill and Robyn Mcdonald’s cheeky and energetic eight-month-old dog Buster received two broken legs and needs to undergo surgery costing more than $2000 following the accident.

The dog had run away after the couple left him in the care of their nephew while they attended a hospital appointment in Dunedin.

The couple have put down a deposit of $250, by selling some of their possessions and using their food money, but need more in order for Buster to have the surgery he needs.

Mrs McDonald said they could not afford the bill as her husband is very sick and she cares for him full-time.

Buster is a great friend to Mr McDonald who has suffered several strokes, is blind in one eye and on dialysis treatment.

“Our Buster gives him a bit of life,” she said.

“He sits on my husband’s knee and keeps him company, he’s very loyal.

“It’s so hard … we just can’t afford it.”

They went to see Buster yesterday morning and thankfully he’s not in pain as they have been giving him painkillers, Mrs McDonald said.

After the operation Buster will have to stay in the vet for about two weeks.

It would mean a lot to the couple if anyone in the community could help out by donating some money towards the bill, she said.

“We love our animals.”

The McDonalds’ other dog Gizzmo, 15, is missing Buster terribly.

They used to stand at the gate barking out a friendly “hello” to anyone who walked past.

“[Gizzmo’s] missing that companionship.”

Anyone who would like to donate towards the vet bill can deposit the money via the Veterinary Centre’s bank account.

ANZ 0109 64007896 100
Reference: MCDONB4

By Ruby Harfield

PHOTO: RUBY HARFIELD –¬†Oamaru couple Bill and Robyn McDonald and Gizzmo are trying to raise enough money to help their chihuahua Buster, who was hit by a car.Sport mediaShoes Nike Kobe 11