Crash victims pleased with council progress


The victims of a crash which left their home nearly destroyed say they are pleased with the quick response from the Waitaki District Council in erecting a safety barrier.

The council put up a tyre wall outside Paul and Louise Daley’s house, which is located on the corner of Humber and Orwell streets, on Friday.

The Daleys were injured and their house was nearly destroyed when a car drove through a bedroom and into their lounge at about 8.30pm on Saturday, August 2.

Over the years, numerous cars have missed the corner and landed in the Daleys’ and neighbouring properties.

The latest incident has led to calls for the council to make the intersection safer.

Mr Daley said he was pleased with the tyre wall and hoped it would make a difference, however they were still going to put up a concrete wall so they felt a bit safer.

“I think [the tyres] are actually quite good.”

Mrs Daley said although the tyre wall looked slightly bare at the moment, once they were planted, it would be fine and she hoped it would be effective.

“It gives you some peace of mind.”

If they still looked a “bit ugly”, she might put some different plants in, she said.

Mrs Daley said everything had happened really quickly, which was good, and she was glad the tyre wall was up before they moved back but she was still a bit nervous.

The couple have been told they will be able to move back in about a week and they are currently in the process of having to choose new furnishings.

Most of the building repairs have been finished, however there iwas still a bit to go, including a new fire, carpets and exterior painting.

“I would like to say the contractors have been phenomenal with what they’ve done and the support,” she said.

“Everyone’s just been really great with it all.”

Mrs Daley said she would still be off work for the next couple of weeks because of her injuries.

Waitaki District Council roading manager Michael Voss said the tyre wall would make a huge difference to the safety of the corner.

They still needed to do some beautification, but other than that, it was complete.



PEACE OF MIND: The new tyre wall outside Paul and Louise Daley’s house will give them some peace of mind.

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