Wheely fun . . . Action from the Cycle Skills Fun Day last year. PHOTO: CAROL EDWARDS

The annual Cycle Skills Fun Day is pedalling its way into Oamaru this weekend.

The event, which is run by Waitaki Road Safe, will be held at Takaro Park on Saturday.

Organiser Catherine Wilson said the fun day was designed to help children between the ages of 4 and 12 improve their cycle safety on the road.

The event would start at 1.30pm and finish at 3.30pm.

Mrs Wilson said the fun day had been held for about 15 years.

Some members of the organising group also belonged to the fire, ambulance and police services.

“We’ve got a lot of skills among our members,” Mrs Wilson said.

Each year, Mrs Wilson and the other organisers of the event tweaked the course to keep children interested.

This year, activities will include a roadside recognition course, bike races, an obstacle course and a heritage cycle course.

Children were encouraged to bring their own bikes, though a limited number of bikes were available for those who did not own a bike, Mrs Wilson said.

It was hard to tell how many children would turn up. The most participants the event had attracted in the past was 70.

“We always have it in February because it’s supposedly the most stable month, weather-wise,” Mrs Wilson said.

It took many hours to organise this year’s event.

“It takes many hours of planning – and of course you’ve got the risk management plan, as required by the district council for using Takaro Park.”

There was a high chance the event would continue if bad weather occurred, Mrs Wilson said.

“Because this is labour-intensive and [requires] a lot of planning, we don’t actually have a cancellation date.”

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