Dentist clocks up 25 years in the field


An Oamaru dental surgeon is showing no sign of retiring 25 years after buying the family dental practice.

Nick Shearer, who started at the dental practice in Coquet St back in 1989, is still enjoying the job 25 years after he first started.

Mr Shearer, who has had to pull out 1000s of teeth over the past 25 years, said he began as a dentist in 1981.

“I came here in 1981 for a year and a half as part of my study and then returned eight years later. I’m still enjoying what I’m doing and that’s the main thing.”

Mr Shearer and his wife bought the practice off his father Thornton back in 1989 and until seven years ago ran the business, before deciding to sell the practice.

“We don’t own the dental practice anymore. We are contracted to work here but it’s owned now by Lumino the Dentist. and under a joint name. Lumino the Dentist: Shearer Dental.”

Checking people’s teeth and making sure they are OK is something which runs in the Shearer family.

Mr Shearer’s father Thornton used to own the practice and his wife Dana also used to be a dental surgeon until 2000, before deciding to study a PhD in community dentistry and working as a researcher.

Practice manager Sue Welsh’s long affiliation with the dentist began 39 years ago in 1985 when there were only two staff members.ow there are six staff.



SECOND HOME: Nick Shearer at the dental clinic where he has worked for the past 25 years.

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