Free wheeling .. Sasha the dog rests in her buggy. PHOTO: CAROL EDWARDS

If you have seen a dog in a buggy left outside the supermarket or gym, don’t worry – she’s quite happy.

It’s just Sasha, resting her weary legs.

The labrador-huntaway cross gets around in a buggy a lot of the time because she has no feeling in her back legs after an accident.

Sasha’s owner, Rheanna Mascarvenhas, said about two and a-half years ago, an excited Sasha jumped from the back of truck when she arrived at a beach for a stroll with her owners.

The now 13-year-old Sasha landed awkwardly and crushed her spinal cord, which resulted in her back legs becoming paralysed.

Several months ago, Sasha got some movement back in her legs, but no feeling.

Mrs Mascarvenhas described that moment as “a miracle”.

While Sasha could walk and run, she tended to drag her back legs, which resulted in cuts and scrapes on concrete.

She also had a cyst on one of her back legs and her activity was now limited to grassed areas.

When she is tired or being taken to play, her owners pop her into her buggy, as opposed to the “doggie wheelchair” that Sasha used until limited movement to her legs returned.

“She loves it,” Mrs Mascarvenhas said.

“She knows when she’s going for a walk. When she’s tired, she will sit and look at us and that’s her cue.”

There were some curious looks when Sasha was being pushed around, most people asking if Sasha was an old dog.

“I think some people just assume I’m begging for a child at times. But we do get asked what’s wrong with her.”Nike Sneakers StoreSneakers