Oamaru's got talent . . . Ryan Moore with artworks depicting (from left) a young David Attenborough, Alan Alda, Jim Henson, Michael J. Fox and Kurt Cobain. The artworks are on display at the Forrester Gallery as part of Moore's "Griptape and a Can of Paint" exhibition. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Oamaru artist and stay-at-home dad Ryan Moore is proud to see his artwork hang on the walls of Forrester Gallery.

His exhibition, “Griptape and a Can of Paint”, will feature at the gallery until the end of July.

“It was quite remarkable, because they found me – I didn’t approach the Forrester,” he said.

Moore’s art has a distinctive style.

He takes a picture of a subject and hand-cuts multiple stencils to layer white spray paint on black griptape.

When he is not spending time with his children, he can often be found around the house working on his latest project.

He said he considered it “luxury time” when he got the chance to work on his art.

“A lot of the time, I pretty much become nocturnal doing it, because of the stillness and the silence.”

Some of his pieces take up to 15 hours to produce.

“People’s hair, people’s beards and the types of clothing they wear has a massive impact on how long it can take.

“There’s a whole raft of things I have to consider before I even start a painting.”

Moore has always had a passion for art.

“I remember, from a really young age, I always loved drawing.”

As a child, his dad often spent time drawing hot-rod cars for him.

His first piece, in 1998, was made from correction fluid that was smudged on to grip tape.

Moore’s subjects often come from the skating and pop culture worlds, and the art style of painting on grip tape comes from his deep passion for skating.

One of the hardest parts about being an artist was the fine eye for detail, he said.

“I’ve had ones where I’ve got 12-15 hours into them, and then realised I had missed a nostril.”

Moore hoped he could continue to work on his art for a long time.

“It’s exciting to think I’m leaving some kind of legacy – something that lives on beyond me.”

His advice for other people wanting to chase their own goals in life was simple.

“Pursue what you love.”Authentic Nike SneakersNIKE HOMME