The North Otago Art Society is sketching out a new monthly drink and draw event.

The society held its first trial run, organised by vice-president Paula Gray and secretary Jenny Dixon, at the Criterion Hotel on Monday.

Eight people turned up to sip on their choice of beverage, pick up a sketch pad and have some laughs.

Dixon and Gray were aiming to establish a regular social get-together that centred on art.

They wanted to attract younger people and those who worked, as well as people new to art.

Typically, the society’s art classes and events were held during the day, which excluded those who worked nine to five.

By holding drink and draw events in the evenings, the society hoped more people could come along and draw up some fun.

It was an opportunity for people to get to know someone new and have fun, Dixon said.

And it was not about being the best artist.

“You don’t have to be an expert,” Gray said.

“It’s open to everyone.”

People did not even need to know how to draw, she said.

“Everyone does things differently.”

In addition to the casual drink and draw, Dixon and Gray planned on starting up a corporate alternate.

They imagined people would come out for a girl’s night or team building work event, and leave with a painting.

Future drink and draw events will be advertised on the Customs House Gallery Facebook page.