Election nominations close today


Nominations close at noon today for the 2019 local government elections.

Waitaki District Council deputy electoral officer Carole Hansen said the last two days of the nomination period were “normally very busy”.

She urged intending candidates to lodge their nominations “well before midday”, in case there were queries or incomplete aspects that staff would need to follow up.

If the time expired before the full information was found, the nomination could not be accepted.

Waitaki voters would be asked to elect.–

★ one mayor

★ one Ahuriri ward councillor

★ two Corriedale ward councillors

★ six Oamaru ward councillors

★ one Waihemo ward councillor

★ five Ahuriri Community Board members

★ five Waihemo Community Board members

★ five Oamaru Licensing Trust members

★ one Moeraki constituency Otago regional councillor

★ two South Canterbury constituency Canterbury regional councillors

★ four Otago constituency Southern District Health Board members

Each voter’s address determines which ward they are in and therefore which ballots they can participate in.

Mrs Hansen said if there were not enough candidates to fill the two community boards – Waihemo and Ahuriri – by-elections would probably be held.

“I hope we won’t need to go down that track,” she said.

The council’s website includes an election section which is refreshed as new nominations come in.

Today is also the last day to enrol as a voter to be included in the electoral roll, Mrs Hansen said.

However, people could still enrol after today and make special votes from when voting opened on September 20.

They could even enrol on polling day – October 12. All votes had to be cast by noon that day.

Enrolments could be made online via the council’s website, by free-phoning 0800 36 76 56, or at a PostShop.

Voting packs will be mailed out to everyone on the electoral roll from September 20.

All the elections use the first past the post (FPP) system except the health board, which uses the single transferable vote (STV) system.

These are explained on the voting papers and on the website electionz.com

Mrs Hansen said the council had done a lot of promotional work on social media to encourage people to enrol and to vote.Buy KicksM2k Tekno