The Midwinter Night’s Dream market event planned for tonight has had a seasonal change, and now will be a Spring Night’s Dream, due to a Covid-induced two-week postponement.

Organiser Donna Demente said nobody she had spoken to was hugely upset by the delay to the event, as it gave them more time to work on their costumes, and gave her more time to get things organised.

It was hoped by the new September 4 date, the South, at least, would be back to Alert Level 1.

“We could have run it, but the difficulty is keeping people apart.

“Even if they are outdoors, they’d have to be in kind of lots of 100. It would be too crazy trying to police that and organise it.”

Ms Demente said although the new name did not have quite the same ring, she thought it was “kind of cute”.

“It has it’s own story now.”

She was just waiting to hear back from all the musicians who had been booked in, and for the most part she thought they would all still be able to play.

The event would be held in Harbour St from 6.30pm on September 4, with an “old-school, romantic, historic feel”.

It would be on a smaller scale to make up for the absence of the Fire and Steam event this year, but done in a way that it did not tread on any toes.

A decision would be made quite close to event if further postponement was necessary.

“The whole point of it is it [is] just [a] the fun of it is we want to have it as soon as we can, because we’ve waited long enough to have an event,” Ms Demente said.

“So the idea is we will just postpone it close to the event, we won’t do it too far out. Unless things are looking really dire, but they’re looking kind of promising, I think.

“It just adds to the celebratory thing of it. I mean, realistically, things haven’t changed much for people down south.”Buy Kicksnike headquarters Sneakers