Making waves . . . Warren Lewis and John Shand compete in last year's Twin Lakes Powerboat Marathon in Mr Lewis' 1000 horsepower boat. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Expect the odd splash in the tranquil winter waters of the Waitaki lakes.

A number of events are being held in the Waitaki Valley over the coming months, in an attempt to revitalise a typically quiet time of year.

Otematata Hotel owner Brent Cowles said a Waitaki Recreational and Boating Club was recently formed to help organise events.

“The idea of the club is trying to bring people who have got an interest in motorbikes, cars and boats together to have fun, family orientated events,” Mr Cowles said.

“The club’s charter is that any money that we make goes back into the community.

“Once we have been running for a year, we are hoping to release some funds to help other things that are happening around the community.

“We have quite a few members already and that’s been growing each time we hold an event.”

Traditionally, winter was the quietest season in the Waitaki Valley and Mr Cowles was keen to host more events during those months.

“If we can drag people up the Valley for winter-based events, it can make quite an economic difference in a small town.”

The Club had taken over running the Twin Lakes Powerboat Marathon, which will be held over the Saturday and Sunday of Queen’s Birthday weekend.

It will include different categories, from A class offshore tunnel boats, capable of reaching speeds of 180kmh, to family boats of all sizes.

On June 1, there will be a straight race on Lake Benmore, from Sailors Cutting to Ohau C with a return leg in the opposite direction.

Boats will be launched from Sailors Cutting, where there will be a pit area with coffee and food.

Sunday will consist of a circuit race around Lake Aviemore, launching from a pit area at Parson’s Rock.

“There is really good viewing from Parson’s Rock, you can see the boats racing all day,” Mr Cowles said.

The lakes will be closed from 11am and 3pm on the days of the events.

Both days will also have a nominated speed round, in which family boats can also enter, and people choose what speed they want to set around the course, and see how close they can get to it.

“We know the distance of the course, but we don’t tell people, and we know how long it will take them based on their time and distance covered.

“The requirements are pretty minimal – they aren’t racing as such, more about maintaining the speed for the entire course.

“It’s really good for families to come and join in, they can go whatever speed they are comfortable with.”

Prizegiving will be held at 4pm at the Otematata Hotel each day, to be followed by provided entertainment.

So far, the Waitaki Recreational and Boating Club has hosted a motorbike poker run, where riders pick a card at various locations before meeting up and seeing who has the best poker hand at the end of the day.

On July 20, it will host a family car rally, where entrants will have clues to track down and then rendezvous at a mystery location with a barbecue and activities.

Mr Cowles is also organising the fourth annual Waitaki Valley Country Ball, which will be held on July 6 at the Otematata Hotel.

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