Moke designer Anneke Stevens (left) and director Sarah Jennings are hoping all the hard work they have put into preparing for New Zealand Fashion Week won't go to waste. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“Devastated” is how the Moke team feel at the news New Zealand Fashion Week has been postponed.

Once again Covid-19 has put a spanner in the works for the Oamaru outerwear brand, which was planning to show at the 20th New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) for the first time, with its winter 2022 range.

The event was due to begin in Auckland on Monday, but the decision was made on Tuesday night to postpone, following the Government’s announcement of a seven-day Level 4 lockdown in Auckland and the Coromandel.

“After so much hard work that has gone into our show, we are devastated that the country has gone into lockdown one week out. However, at this stage the event has only been postponed, not cancelled, so there is still hope yet,” Moke director Sarah Jennings said.

Although she was disappointed, she said in the grand scheme of things New Zealanders were lucky compared with what people in other countries were having to go through.

“We are very grateful to be living in New Zealand and have no doubt we can tackle this outbreak relatively quickly once again.

“Stay safe and stay home, so everyone can get back to normal as soon as possible,” she said.

Moke was due to be appearing next Thursday at Auckland’s Town Hall, in a group trade show with two other “like-minded” brands, Lemon Tree Design and French Freddie, Mrs Jennings said.

“We hadn’t really thought about it, but then we’ve really become good friends with Lemon Tree … Because we have similar retailers, they asked if we’d join them, and so we took up the opportunity.”

Designer/merchandiser Anneke Stevens said preparing for the show had been a big learning curve, with “lots of organising”, but it had been a rewarding experience for them.

The two hoped all the work that had gone into this year’s event would make planning for future fashion weeks more straightforward.

Almost the entire Moke team had been due to travel to Auckland on Monday.

The models had already been pre-chosen, to wear 14 styles from Moke range, and four from the more high-end Arctic range, and Monday was to be for fittings and finalising details.

“There was a casting, and they send you all the profiles and everything, and you put in your wee wishlist.

“Moke is all about age and size diversity, so we’ve got a really good diverse range of ladies, which is awesome.”

The company was also lined up to be part of the weekend’s four Resene Fashion Shows, which were open to the public, and showed upcoming summer fashion. The trade shows were for retailers, media and social influencers.

Moke also planned to include distinctive local earring brand Lover Lover in its 160 goodie bags.

Lover Lover was launched by Abby Melton last November, and the colourful, laser-cut acrylic earrings were made by her in Oamaru.

“We have the goodie bags, and we just thought it would be a really good opportunity for someone like her, local, to get some exposure as well, so we asked her if she’d like to put some things in the bags,” Mrs Jennings said.

“We know how hard it is starting out, to get that customer base flowing.”