Former Oamaru couple to celebrate 60 years together


A former Oamaru Mail charge printer is set to celebrate his 60th wedding anniversary on June 26.

John and Mavis McCormick were married in a small church in Ashburton on June 26, 1954. They first met some years earlier when John used to visit Mavis’s house with friends to play 500.

Mr and Mrs McCormick moved to Oamaru in 1960 after he was offered the job of charge printer at the Oamaru Mail by Jack Christie, owner at the time.

“It was a big move shifting down from Oamaru,” Mr McCormick said. “I was the charge printer at the Ashburton Guardian but didn’t get on with my boss, so we decided to give Oamaru a crack.”

While at the Oamaru Mail, John was part of the move from hot lead printing to computerisation.

Mr McCormick’s deeds in Oamaru did not end there, with him also having been part of the Oamaru Volunteer Fire Brigade since the time he arrived until he retired in 2013.

The couple lived in Oamaru until October last year, when they moved to Waikanae to be closer to family. However, they still proudly call Oamaru home.

‘We lived there for a long a time and although my family is in Ashburton, I call Oamaru home, as I have made many friends while I was down there.”

The couple love Oamaru and said they were disappointed they couldn’t celebrate their special milestone there.

“It will be in Waikanae. We tried everything we could to hold it in Oamaru, but it just didn’t work out, so we are having it here instead.”

Mr McCormick would have love to see some of his good friends from Oamaru make the trek north, but unfortunately many of them are unable to attend.

They have not ruled out a visit to Oamaru in the future.


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