Frocking up for charity


Ladies, it’s time to take your best frocks out of the wardrobe and get ready to have a glass of wine for charity.

Frock Friday will be held at Portside Restaurant & Bar on July 25 to raise money for underprivileged babies in Cambodia.

Dunedin-based organiser Bernadette Hyland said she came up with the idea while volunteering in Phnom Penh last year and finding mothers were feeding their babies rice water mixed with sugar, as their diets prevented them from producing breast milk.

She decided to sponsor formula for a five-month-old baby she met called Sokhea, and realised others could also make a difference, Miss Hyland said.

She started Baby Rescue and Treatment (BRAT) Cambodia with the support of One2One Charity and has held several other Frock Fridays, where women can dress up and have a glass of wine to help raise funds.

Miss Hyland, who grew up in Oamaru, said she had been blown away by the support from North Otago and suspected this event would be the biggest.

“Oamaru is amazing for getting behind a cause,” she said.

“The whole community gets behind it. You don’t get that in a big city.”

Several Oamaru artists have also donated works, which will be auctioned on the night.

“I was really quite blown away by that,” Miss Hyland said.

BRAT Cambodia, which is run by self-funded volunteers, provides food, vaccinations and medication to mothers and their babies living in Phnom Penh.

The artworks to be auctioned are on display at Steam Cafe and will be moved to Portside Restaurant and Bar for Frock Friday on July 25 at 7pm.

Bids can be made at Steam or on the night before 8.30pm.

Wear a frock, have a wine and a chat on the night for $10, which will be donated to the cause.


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