Had a gutsful . . . Annie Beattie is fed up with vandals destroying her hard work at the Trent St community garden. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Annie Beattie has had a “gutsful” of people destroying her gardens.

Ms Beattie looks after three community gardens in Oamaru outside her home – and all of them have been vandalised recently.

She started cultivating the gardens about eight years ago, and they had been targeted by vandals ever since.

Runner beans had been cut, lavender bushes poisoned, a feijoa tree axed and plants pulled out of the ground.

“I have counted 14 hoses that have been slashed,” she said.

“It would be OK if people were harvesting, but they are not.”

Although the gardens were privately maintained, the food was for the public and could be collected at “give, take, or swap” stalls beside the gardens.

The stall beside her Trent St garden had also been damaged, drawn on, scattered with broken glass, and had dirty clothes left in it.

Two security cameras were installed to deter or catch the vandals, but they had also been destroyed.

Ms Beattie previously worked as co-ordinator of the Waitaki Community Gardens, but she left the role after dealing with similar issues.

After constantly replanting her three current gardens, Ms Beattie was once again at the end of her rope.

But this time she planned to stick around.

“I’m not leaving.

“I love my gardens. I absolutely love them.”

She was grateful for the many contributions people had made to the garden stalls and hoped the community would not be deterred.

“I just want the community to come on board and and keep a look out.”

She asked people in the community to keep their ears and eyes open, and to report anything suspicious.