Party ready . . . Erika Fox and daughter Isla (3) at the Kauru Hill Hall, ahead of the ball next month. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

Erika Fox will be trading in her gumboots for high-heels next month when the Kauru Hill Hall Ball returns after a 10-year hiatus.

Mrs Fox, the event organiser, said she wanted to bring back the ball to foster community spirit during a busy time of year for farmers.

“My husband and his friends are all working massive hours, they don’t get out, so it is a good time to take a night out and talk to people,” she said.

Rural New Zealand used to be known for its community spirit – and Mrs Fox would like to see a resurgence of that.

“In the country communities, everybody used to socialise and get together, and we have kind of lost that.

“Gone are the days when you knew who all your neighbours were and you would stop and have a yarn when you met on the road.

“Our generation isn’t as good as the older ones at baking something and going to meet your neighbours.”

Mrs Fox said the ball was not just for people from the Kauru Hill area – the whole district was invited.

“The idea is that we can get everyone to come out and socialise.

“We are hoping for people from town to come out and enjoy a different night out too.”

Tickets are $55, which covers transport, food and drinks for the night, along with music which will be provided by Frank Ramirez.

Money raised from the July 6 ball will go towards the Five Forks Playgroup, which is helping to organise the event.

To buy tickets, or for more information, call Erika Fox on 0279563678.Running sneakersAir Jordan