Time travel . . . Glenavy School pupils take part in a ceremony for the burial of a lockdown time capsule. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

If you forget what lockdown was like, head to Glenavy School in 19 years’ time.

Last Friday, pupils at the South Canterbury school buried a selection of photos and memories in a time capsule, to be uncovered in 2039 at the school’s 150th anniversary.

“Because it is unprecedented and, hopefully, we never have to do it again, we thought we could celebrate and do something different,” Glenavy School principal Kate Mansfield said.

It would be a good reason for current pupils to attend anniversary celebrations in 2039, she said.

That thought was exciting for pupils Ruby Gordon (12) and Rojan Marcos (11), although the realisation they would be in their 30s by then was scary, they said.

Ruby enjoyed spending time with her family during the lockdown, especially playing Monopoly, while Rojan’s favourite memory was playing outside with his brother.

Pascalle McKenzie (9) said a paint fight with her cousins was the highlight, although having to get hosed off afterwards was a low point.

All three pupils said they missed their friends and going to school.

The refurbished community library at the school was also officially opened on Friday.

Anybody in the Glenavy area could borrow a book from the collection, which has been built up over the past few years.

“It’s a way of giving back to the community,” Mrs Mansfield said.

“We are fortunate to have a great community around which supports us with time and money.”Adidas footwearAsics Onitsuka Tiger