Meet the team . . . Chef's Multi Cuisine owner Tulka Khatri (far right) with manager Keshav Gautam (far left), and staff members Balu Karki, and Yamu Khatri. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Chef’s Multi Cuisine restaurant is open and ready for business.

Located in the former Turkish kebab shop in Thames St, Oamaru’s newest restaurant offers a variety of dishes from countries including Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and India.

The business has been established by Tulka Khatri, who also owns and operates the India Garden restaurant.

He wanted to give the town the opportunity to experience different flavours from around the world.

Keshav Gautam, who manages both businesses, said customers had already developed a taste for the restaurant.

” The feedback from customers is quite nice,” he said.

“There’s lot of choice for the customers,”

There were only a handful of staff members employed at Chef’s Multi Cuisine but more would be hired soon.

Mr Gautam started working with Mr Khatri when the latter took over India Garden in 2013.

At that time, the restaurant was a takeaway food joint and had very few customers, Mr Gautam said.

its customer base and evolved into a dine-in restaurant.

“We have been working very hard to bring good taste, to give the best quality that we have, and to make our customers happy,” Mr Gautam said.

“We are very busy nowadays.”

He said the hospitality business could be tough on families.

“Lots of people get the weekend off but that’s the busy time for us,” he said.

“You don’t have any time for the family or any other people.”

Both men were confident about the future of the businesses and looked forward to seeing them continue to grow.bridge mediaNike News