Grace pulls in massive trout


Eleven-year-old Weston School pupil Grace Kennedy got a big surprise when she was out fishing at the weekend.

The youngster was on an angling trip with her family in Twizel when she hauled in a 25-pound rainbow hen trout using a bright pink rod her stepfather, Trevor Reid, had bought for her from the Warehouse.

Grace said she was shocked when she saw the size of the fish on the end of her line.

“I thought my rod was going to snap because it was bending a lot, but I managed to haul the fish in.”

Grace, who has been fishing for about three years and was introduced to the pastime by Mr Reid, said she enjoyed the day out.

“It was great fun, and I’m happy with my catch. It’s the biggest fish I’ve caught.”

Mr Reid said Grace had been engaging in some good-natured boasting about the catch.

“My biggest catch is 24 pounds so she’s beaten me by a pound and she was saying 25 pound, 25 pound. It was a bit of harmless fun.”

Mr Reid said Grace received an overwhelming round of applause from nearby anglers.

“People were clapping and applauding her as she pulled the fish out of the water. It was awesome,” he said.

Replacing the reel on the fishing rod proved to be a master stroke, as Mr Reid said the original reel wouldn’t have handled the fish.

“I replaced the reel for her, and the fish did try to get away, but she just kept on winding it in.”

The fish was too big to fit into the fishing net.



BIG CATCH: Grace Kennedy and her stepfather Trevor Reid hold the 25-pound rainbow hen trout that Grace caught at the weekend.

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