Flying solo . . . Hairdresser Kristyn Mohring at her salon, Raven, which opened earlier this month. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

After 15 years in the hairdressing business, Kristyn Mohring has decided it is time to go it alone.

Mrs Mohring’s new salon – Raven – opened its doors at Oamaru’s Junction earlier this month.

“I felt like a change and I thought maybe it was time to give it a go myself,” she said.

Mrs Mohring has spent the past five years at Jacqui’s Hair Salon in Thames St, and before that worked for 10 years at what used to be Blondini’s, in Coquet St.

Born in Perth, Mrs Mohring moved to Oamaru with her family at the age of 10. Her first job out of high school was at Blondini’s, where she did her apprenticeship, and she has lived in Oamaru ever since.

“You can still do cool things from a small town. I was competing in hair comps and I got to go to Auckland a couple of times, I got to go to Australia. Also my family’s here and I’m quite family-orientated. It’s an easy place to live really.”

Mrs Mohring said part of the reason she decided to start her own business was so she could spend more time with her three daughters, Sophia (8), Grace (6) and Ava (4), and also her husband Shane.

“Before this we only got one day every second Sunday together at home,” she said.

“He has a fortnightly roster. He’s a caregiver at Idea Services, so he does sleepover shifts, and we sort of rotate around each other so there’s always somebody at home for the girls. So it doesn’t matter if they need to stay home, or if it’s holidays or anything – there’s always one of us there.

“I do have my mum and dad as well, but I try not to overload them. We mainly just do it ourselves.”

So far, business has been going well.

“I’m pretty much booked up until Christmas. I think it’s been going OK – so far, so good anyway.”

Mrs Mohring has a knack for bold colouring, and she admits it is a part of the job she loves. But more importantly, she likes to keep her clients happy.

“My favourite part of hairdressing is just making my clients feel good. It always makes you feel good when your hair is looking nice.”

The name Raven just came to her one day when she was driving along dreaming about the new salon.

“It just popped into my head, and I thought cool’ . . . I feel like when things pop into your head then that’s what is supposed to be.”latest Running SneakersReebok Question Mid Yellow Toe Alternates FX4278 Release Date