Coming soon . . Volunteer South manager Leisa de Klerk shows off the organisation's new Waitaki signage. PHOTO: ANDREA KNIGHT

If you are involved in a good cause, or want to be, Volunteer South would like to hear from you.

Next month, the Dunedin-based organisation will operate a Waitaki branch from The Business Hive, manager Leisa de Klerk said.

The opening, planned for March, was delayed due to Covid-19.

Volunteer South, formerly known as Volunteer Otago, matches volunteers with a project or event that suited their skills and availability, and Ms de Klerk would like both to register their interest now.

Volunteering offered opportunities to upskill and try new things, while giving back to the community, Ms de Klerk said.

“We sit down and talk about what your interests are and what you want to get out of volunteering and if you want to learn any new skills,” she said.

“At the end of the day, the reason each person wants to come and volunteer is completely different.”

Volunteer South offers support for organisations by running webinars and seminars on such things as social media management, fundraising and volunteer engagements.

“Working with people getting into volunteer roles is just one part of it. Working with volunteer organisations is probably a larger one,” she said.

Covid-19 had “definitely” had an impact on volunteering in the South, Ms de Klerk said.

“We have definitely had more people wanting to volunteer.

“But it’s a fine line between what is a paid role and what is a volunteer role. Of course we want people to be in employment.”

To register, go to StoreAsics Onitsuka Tiger