High achiever . . . Brackens Office Products Depot owner Lauren Scott says you do not have to succeed at school to do well in life. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

Hard work at school did not pay off for Lauren Scott.

But it is now in the real world.

Miss Scott (23) left school when she was 16 years old to work at McDonalds.

She had moved to Oamaru from Queenstown with her family and, rather than starting a new school here, decided to enter the workforce.

“I’m super dyslexic. I hated school,” Miss Scott said.

“I hated being in school assemblies and seeing everyone get excellences, and I had worked my butt off to get achieved.”

At age 17, she bought her first home, and in November last year, she bought a business Products Depot (OPD) in Oamaru.

Miss Scott had been working at Brackens OPD and Print for three years, and had worked her way up to manager in that time.

When previous owners Jo and Robin Crawford were looking to sell, she decided to step up and take over the office products part of the business.

“I just went in head first and didn’t look back.

“Because I had that three years experience I already knew the customer base.”

Having dyslexia sometimes made business ownership difficult, but there was always “calculators and spellcheck”, she said.

“If there is a red squiggly line I know I’ve messed up.

“It takes me longer to deal with emails because I have to read them two or three times.

“There are always ways around things.

“You still have to have the motivation to work hard.”short url linkAir Jordan 5 Low China 2016