Flying the flag for good health . . . Oamaru Health 2000 owner Lynette Taylor outside her new premises in Thames St. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Oamaru Health 2000 owner Lynette Taylor says the thing she loves most about her job is helping people.

“I love working one on one with the customers, and helping them get their health back.”

The natural health industry had been a “long-standing interest” of hers and, after some self-directed training, she landed a job at her first Health 2000 in Gore. She moved to Oamaru to take over the store here in 2008, and had no regrets.

“When I worked in Health 2000 in Gore, I went to one of the conferences, and realised it was a real passion, and I wanted to own a shop and take the next step.

“Health 2000’s provided some really in-depth training over the years, kind of on every level. So that has really put the layers of knowledge underneath.”

Although Ms Taylor was born and bred in Mataura, her grandparents both lived in Oamaru.

Her parents grew up here, and she has cousins in the area.

“So it was like coming home.”

Another, more recent, move was relocating the Thames St store about three doors north of where she originally began business in 2008.

This was prompted by her lease coming up for renewal, and in-house chiropractor Rob Brydges deciding to open his own practice.

“So this one is bigger out the back, for us, and it also has more floor space.

“It’s warmer, and it just feels lovely because everything is new.”

Aside from the address, not much else has changed.

“That communication with the customer, that one on one, where we can make them feel safe enough to open up and tell us what’s going on for them.

“We look at the whole solution, not just part of it. If stress is the thing that’s causing the immune system to go down, we need to look at the top of the ladder, as well as what’s happening at the bottom.”

She said all her staff shared her love for what they do. All had completed training and were certified to advise on the products the shop offered and their effects.

They received ongoing training, and products were constantly being updated.

Ms Taylor said a point of difference at Oamaru Health 2000 was it also supported local producers.

“I like connecting with locals and selling their product in store. So it makes our store unique to Oamaru, not just part of the brand.”

With winter bugs rampant at the moment, even the Health 2000 staff had succumbed, which meant they had road-tested all the best remedies.

For coughs, there was a traditional Chinese cough mixture they found particularly good.

“It’s nice finding products that are outside the norm that are finding the results.”