Ice Challenge catching on in Oamaru


A craze which started on Facebook via a fundraising video has taken off in Oamaru, with Waitaki District Council Mayor Gary Kircher taking part.

The Ice Challenge involves a person immersing their feet in a bucket of cold water and ice and then having at least two buckets of water tipped over them, before being drenched with the contents of the bucket they are standing in. They are filmed completing the challenge and upload the video to their Facebook page.

The craze began online around three weeks ago, and people are nominated to take part. Once someone is nominated, they have 48 hours to complete the challenge and then choose a cancer charity to which they would like to donate their funds.

After a person has completed the challenge, they can nominate up to five different people to take part.

The Ice Challenge is creating plenty of conversation for people in Oamaru, with Mayor Gary Kircher having recently completed it.

“It was really cold and we had the buckets full of ice and my nephew took a lot of satisfaction in pouring the cold water over me very slowly,” he said.

“My funds will be going towards child cancer.”

Mr Kircher said his involvement in the Ice Challenge came about after two Oamaru people nominated him.

“I was about to be nominated by a fellow council member and then was nominated by Rebecca Ryan the day before, so I thought I better complete it.”

Once he had completed the challenge, Mr Kircher nominated Portside Punch competitor Chris Cant, his brother Terry Kircher, Chamber of Commerce chairman Simon Berry, Carl Banks and Timaru Mayor Damon Odey.

Mr Kircher said he would be in Mr Odey’s ear over the next couple of days to make sure he completed the challenge.

A member of the public was also seen completing the Ice Challenge on the grass verge near the i-Site in Thames St.


SOAKING TIME: Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher taking part in the Ice Challenge.

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