Keep calm and Gary on . . . Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher says people should get supplies such as masks, but not to rush out and panic-buy them. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

People should not be panicking over the move back to Alert Level 2, Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher says.

But the first case of community transmission of Covid-19 in New Zealand in 102 days highlighted the importance of following the Government’s guidelines, Mr Kircher said.

On Tuesday night, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced move to Level 2 following four new cases of Covid-19 in Auckland.

“A lot of us will be disappointed, but not surprised, because certainly the warnings have been out there,” Mr Kircher said.

“We are back in a situation where we are required to take some modest precautions around gatherings and social distancing.

“If we can all do that, hopefully this outbreak will be contained and we won’t have to go any further.”

If the alert level was raised to 3 or 4, it was important that people were prepared, but did not “panic-buy”, he said.

Just as the supply chains held up during the Level 4 lockdown in April, they would do so again, he said.

“We know we are more likely to be needing to wear masks.

“You don’t need to buy 500 or anything like that.

“These things will continue to be supplied, just as toilet paper was last time.

“It all comes down to being considerate and looking at what you really need.”Asics shoesMens Flynit Trainers