Julia eyeing career in speech therapy


Julia Dorsey has done the hard yards.

The 18-year-old was chuffed to be named dux at the Waitaki Girls’ High School prizegiving last week.

Julia said she did not expect to get the award.

“I feel pretty thrilled about it but it also seems pretty surreal because I never imagined myself being dux,” she said.

Among those proud of her achievement were her parents, Christina and Mark Dorsey.

“They’re very proud – they knew I was up there but they never thought I’d get dux either.”

While she worked hard, half of the credit had to go to the teachers who helped her along the way.

“I’ve always had really good teachers – I wouldn’t have done it without them,” she said.

Julia was also a Waitaki Way captain for the school, helping promote the school values of respect, responsibility and resilience to the pupils in fun and interesting ways.

Besides her academic studies, Julia was involved in both the Oamaru Youth Orchestra and the Waitaki combined concert.

Next year, she planned to study speech and language pathology at the University of Canterbury.

She did not know exactly what she would do after that but hoped to work with deaf children.

“I’d really like to work with deaf children – that’s always been an interest of mine,” she said.

“There’s so many areas that I could get into but that’s one I hope to get into.”

Other awards included.–
Frances Bulatao (contribution to school music); Julia Dorsey (contribution to Oamaru Youth Orchestra); Hina MacMaster (year 12 writing prize), India McLay (Burn House captain); Brooke Gilmore (Burn House deputy); Madison Roger (Ferguson House captain); Brianna Weir (Ferguson House deputy); Chantelle Bradfield-Stanger (Gibson House captain); Alice Weir (Gibson House deputy); Jasmine Hunter (Wilson House captain); Amy McLeod (Wilson House deputy); Kendal Rowland (sports captain); Lauryn Stewart (cultural captain); Annalise Bathgate (careers captain); Kartia Pozzobon (health captain); Jordon Cunningham (peer support captain); Morgan Dunshea (deputy peer support); Bronwen Ardouin (student representative on board of trustees); Sian Stephens (head boarder); Renata Burnett (deputy head girl); Connie Searle (head girl), Erum Hafeez (canteen service); Lauryn Stewart (senior school service); Amnesty International (group effort); Astra (service to the community), Enviroclub (conservation challenge), Kayla Akurangi-Pirika (contribution to Maori culture); Ruby Perkins (Pasifika achievement and cultural contribution, Pasifika success scholarship, Otago University scholarship); Morgan Dunshea (Mana Pounamu Tuakana); Laura Dunshea (Mana Pounamu Teina); Kate Galbraith (Masonic Charitable Trust tertiary award); Julia Dorsey (Altrusa tertiary award); Hope Wilson (Otago University scholarship); Sam Broomhall (Otago University scholarship); Sian Stephens (Otago University scholarship); Annalise Bathgate (Otago Polytechnic scholarship); Jasmine Hunter (most inspiring senior in sport); Nicole Lowen (Futures Trust scholarship); Kendal Rowland (Futures Trust scholarship); Chantelle Bradfield-Stanger (all-round excellence); Bronwen Ardouin (Otago University scholarship); Renata Burnett (Iris Romans scholarship); Connie Searle (leadership and inspiration and Otago University scholarship); Kaitlyn Milmine, Ruby Fincham-Wells, Samantha Cunningham (all Eunice Brown Trust scholarship).best Running shoes brandMiesten kengät laajasta valikoimasta