Reinvented . . . Oamaru artist Peter Fulton's works put a new spin on old cars. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

By day he’s known as Mr Fulton, the St Kevin’s College workshop teacher.

After hours he’s Reet Pete, a slightly off-the-wall artist whose work is now on the wall at the Crafted gallery in Oamaru’s Harbour St.

Peter Fulton is a guest artist at Crafted, where the six pieces of his “Patina” garage art exhibition are attracting attention.

Fulton was reluctant to provide an “artist’s statement” but said he likes making art out of “junk orphans”.

He spent some nine years as a glass artist, using the technique of sandblasting.

Fulton had an exhibition of steampunk art in Petone before he moved to Oamaru about six years ago.

As a member of the North Otago Vintage Car Club, he has sourced some of the aged car parts he now uses from his colleagues. He has also bought some pieces.

The found objects have their own stories to tell through the state they end up in. Fulton said he cleans them very lightly, leaving the character that attracted him in the first place.

“Cars are a very personal thing.”

The one called “Pride and Joy”, for example, is now a small remnant of what was once someone’s brand new car – an item that would have been proudly showed off to the family and neighbours.

Fulton adds signwriting that he designs on paper then transfers to the metal.

“It’s the artwork that takes the time.”

He likens his signwriting to “springing a mate from the pen, taking them home for a shower, shave and a new suit”.

“The tats and scars are still there but at least they’re giving it a go.

“Square your chin, face the public and see who’ll take you on.”

The finished works are coated so they will stay as Fulton has created them.

He said he would like to make more pieces and was happy to take on commissions.Nike Sneakers StoreNike Dunk Low Disrupt Copa