Kakanui histories a labour of love


A Kakanui man is set to have a book released on people who attended Kakanui School prior to 1960.

Murray Turner, who also wrote the book The Kakanui Rural Fire Brigade – A History is releasing his second book which is titled Kakanui’s 100 Oral Histories.

Mr Turner said writing and publishing both books had cost him a lot of money.

“Writing a book doesn’t make you money. I decided to do it because it’s something I really enjoy doing and took great interest from the topics handed to me, it’s not about money to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.”

After first writing his book on the Kakanui Fire Brigade, he was approached to write another one by Hocken Publications former manager Anne Jackman.

“I had a bit of help gathering some information on the people and exactly who I needed to talk to. Annette Third, Connie Rayne and several others were fantastic in helping find me people to talk to.”

Mr Turner has gone for something different in his book, with the names in order of first names, not last names.

“I just wanted to do something different and am really happy how it’s turned out.

“The relief is unbelievable that I’ve finally finished the book and it will be out soon.”

Mr Turner, who was born and raised in Dunedin, moved to Kakanui to retire.

“I interviewed people who had gone to Kakanui School prior to 1960. There’s the odd exception, but they must have strong links to the town.”

His book will be officially launched at the Kakanui School library on February 10 from 11am-2pm.

Mr Turner hopes to see plenty of people there.

“I hope the book attracts great interest, there’s some fascinating reading in it.”

His book on the Kakanui Rural Fire brigade will also be available at the launch.

There are limited copies of both books available.

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Murray Turner holds a draft copy of his book Kakanui’s People 100 Oral Histories and a copy of Kakanui Rural Fire Brigade – A History which ¬†will both be on sale at a launch on February 10.trace affiliate linkZwift Is Betting It Can Do for Running What It Did for Cycling