Work in progress . . . Artist Dylan Armishaw poses in front of the mural he is creating at the Kakanui Shop. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

It must be hard for artist Dylan Armishaw to stay focused.

Working on a new mural at the Kakanui Store, every five minutes he has someone walk past him – and most of them stop and talk.

“They are loving it so far – so that’s cool,” he said.

Mr Armishaw works fulltime as an artist, as well as having his own clothing brand – Highjacked Thoughts.

The mural was the biggest piece he had worked on in his career so far.

“I have been living locally for the last couple of months, so it is cool to work on this.”

The mural was done completely by spray-paint, and Mr Armishaw used different sized caps to get varied effects from the paint.

“It is also pressure sensitive, so you can change the pattern of the paint by how you apply it.”

The paint could be sprayed in the rain, but wind was harder to work with, Mr Armishaw said.

Kakanui Store owner Raymond Metternich said he had decided the back of the shop needed “freshening up”.

“It was a bit dingy round there,” he said.

“The idea was for the scenery to fit the building, so the caravan window will also be the shop window.

“It’s all locally inspired – that is the beach and the Kakanui river you can see.

“There is still a bit to go though. It is going to look great when it is completed.”bridgemediaWomen's Nike Superrep