Continuing a legacy .. Oamaru woman Kay McKenzie takes time to have a chat about her new store, K's Place For Clothing. The store was formally known as Awamoa Clothing when it was run by Debbie Shields. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Kay McKenzie is the new face at a familiar place. The owner of K’s Place For Clothing, formerly Awamoa clothing, talks to Tyson Young

Q: Where do you come from originally?
I’m born and bred in Oamaru.

Q: How long have you had the business?
A bit over a month. I took over on February 13.

Q: Why did you decide to get into the clothing business?
Because I love clothes, I like op-shopping and I like talking to people. And at my age, I decided I needed to be working smarter and harder.

Q: Have you had experience in running a business?
I worked at Haywrights department store in Oamaru about 38 years ago. My husband and I had a contract business for Herbert Sawmill. I also worked at Countdown for two years and I did four years at Whitestone Cheese. For my age, I think I’ve done pretty good, ha ha.

Q: When did you decide to buy the clothing business?
I saw it was advertised for sale on October 1 – that was on the Saturday. I had a look on the Tuesday then I told my husband that I thought it was a great idea. We had a look on the Saturday at the open home. It must have been a week and a-half later we gave Debbie [Shields] a price and sold our house. That was only on the market for two weeks, so it was meant to be – everything just fell into place.

Q: Did you shop at the business when Debbie ran it?
Oh yes. My number goes back a long way.

Q: Do you find a lot of the customers that used to shop at Awamoa Clothing now shop at K’s Place?
Yep, they are still coming in. We’ve also got new shoppers.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my grandchildren, catching up with friends and spending time in the gardens. At the moment, I don’t like my gardens because of all this rain and this heat which has made chickweed grow galore.affiliate link traceAIR MAX PLUS