Kids dogged by doos


Children at Holmes Kindergarten have had enough of dodging dog poo on their weekly walk.
The children from the Stuart St kindergarten go for a walk each Thursday, and have to constantly make sure they aren’t stepping in dog poo on the footpath or grass verges.
Holmes Kindergarten teacher Fiona Hewett said the problem was more widespread than it had been in the past.
“A resident said it was an ongoing concern for people in the area, and was a particular problem at the Perth St end of Stuart St. It’s been a real problem every time we go out.”
Not happy with having to check their shoes for poo after their weekly walks, the children have come up with a few ideas to help combat the issue.
They include making signs – which glow in the dark – for lampposts, suggesting people wear head-lamps at night when out walking and writing a letter to the Waitaki District Council to voice their concerns.
They have considered creating pamphlets and delivering them to letterboxes in the neighbourhood.
Teachers and children at the kindergarten want people to take more responsibility when out walking their dogs, and clean up after them if necessary.
“It’s a bit yucky … people need to be a wee bit more responsible,” Mrs Hewett said.
“You don’t expect to see it on the footpath outside your house.”
The kindergarten has added dog poo to its hazard identification chart.
The council’s Waitaki Dog Control Bylaw 2014 says “the owner or any person in possession of a dog that defecates in a public place or private way, or on land or premises other than that occupied by the owner, shall immediately remove or cause to be removed the faeces left by the dog”.
The owner or any person in possession of a dog must carry a receptacle, such as a plastic bag, to store dog faeces at all times when in public places. When a public litter bin or similar receptacle is used to dispose of the faeces, they must be wrapped or contained to prevent the receptacle “from being fouled”.Asics shoesgirls youth nike high tops shoes Light Smoke Grey