Kitchen renovation reveals relics


An Oamaru family doing kitchen renovations has uncovered remnants from eras past.
Jamaya and Pulu Fisilau had pulled out an old servery from against the wall of their Ribble St kitchen.
Tucked in behind it was a handful of documents – an Oamaru Mail Print publication featuring supermarket advertisements; tickets to the 1948 Waitaki High School Old Girls’ and Old Boys’ Associations’ Annual Ball, where debutantes were to be presented; tickets to an interschool football match between Waitaki Boys’ and Timaru Boys’ High Schools; instructions on how to care for sheer nylon hosiery; a 1969 postage stamp and one from Budapest; a Communicant’s Card from St Paul’s Presbyterian Church; a small coloured picture captioned “Jesus in the Synagogue”; a calling card bearing the name Moss;
a dental X-ray; a ticket to the 1938 Waitaki Boys’ High School concert in the Opera House; and a ticket to the 1937 Waitaki Junior Boys’ High School concert.
Mrs Fisilau thinks the items had probably slipped down behind the servery.
Some of the tickets were issued in the name of Marshall.
Coincidentally, Mrs Fisilau had been to the Waitaki District Council Archive just before the discovery, to try to find out more about the house where her family has lived for six years.
She was keen to have a historic photo of it on the wall.
She understood the two-storeyed house was built in the 1930s and had been the fourth St Paul’s manse. That could account for the Communicant’s Card.
The house had later been used as a dental surgery, with the dentist’s family living on the premises. That could account for the X-ray.
Mrs Fisilau has learned through friends that the X-rays were developed in a room under the stairs.
The supermarket ads could be traced to the years between the arrival of decimal currency in 1967 and the adoption of metric measuring system in 1976 – the prices were in dollars and cents but the quantities were imperial.
Mrs Fisilau would like to frame the items and keep them on display.url cloneNike Shoes