Show and tell . . . Otago Community Trust representative Mel McAtamney (left) is brought up to date with planning for a Lego Wedo model to be built by year 3 pupils Edie Paterson (centre) and Rocco Tacchini. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Weston School pupils have proudly revealed their Makerspace Project to the community.

The school has invested in digital technology to stimulate new thinking and support gifted pupils, thanks to grants from the Otago Community Trust’s Learning Impact Fund and from the Oamaru Licensing Trust.

Staff had used some of the Covid-19 lockdown time to train in using the new technology, which was also available to other rural schools.

On Tuesday, Weston School invited the funding donors to see what the pupils were creating.

“It was an opportunity to share with our school community just what goes on in this space, and for them to see the extensive range of resources that we are utilising to strengthen our teaching and learning programmes,” principal Deidre Senior said.

Multi-dimensional . . . Weston School year 6 pupil Miley Presnall explains her 3D printed design to (from left) Denise McMillan, Alan McLay and Ali Brosnan from the Oamaru Licensing Trust. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“It was also an opportunity to share with the community organisations who have helped to fund this space. They were able to not only see the equipment and resources that they have helped to fund, but to see them in action with the children.

“Over $70,000 of funding has been obtained for this space and we are very grateful to those who have made it happen,” Mrs Senior said.

“I’m sure after today they also obtained a very good understanding of what we are working hard to achieve and could clearly see that in action.”

The children showed their visitors how they were using green screens, sewing machines, blue bots, Spheros, 3-D printers and Lego to design and realise a variety of ideas they had come up with.

The visitors were so impressed by the possibilities available to the pupils that some wanted to return to school themselves, Mrs Senior said.Sportswear free shippingMiesten keng├Ąt laajasta valikoimasta