Live entertainment in abundance


From what I can tell, for Oamaru’s size, we have a massive amount of musicians in and around our town.

Is this normal? Perhaps I just didn’t get out enough when I lived in other towns.

I’m not really a late-night party gal, more of a day drinker – mow the lawn, have a beer, do a big bike ride (or a short bike ride), have a beer.

So when Oamaru lost its nightclub, to be honest, I didn’t really care.

On the odd occasion that I do stay out past midnight, it’s for a band booking.

There are, however, moments in time where the night gets away, if you know what I mean.

You can generally find at least two or three live gigs most weekends over the summer in Oamaru.

We are very fortunate to have high-class entertainers passing through Oamaru performing weeknight shows at venues such as the Oamaru Opera House. Being halfway between the big towns has its perks.

Would the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Tutus make a tour stop-off if we weren’t on the way?

If you are looking for something a little less mainstream, keep an eye out for gigs happening at the Grainstore Gallery and the recently-established Settler Theatre.

It’s great to just go to a show simply because it’s on. I’ve been to a couple lately that are definately not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed them very much. It’s like running a social experiment on myself. Have you ever heard of a band called Orchestra of Spheres? Nope? Me neither. They played at the Settler Theatre a couple of weeks ago – and I think I would describe it as tribal space music.

Not really understanding what was going on for much of their show, I sat there wide-eyed in a somewhat enchanted and slightly confused state.

I’m not really a dancer (except for three months every four-or-so years when I forget I’m not a dancer and decide it’s a great idea to do a musical and dance in front of a few thousand people in Lycra – or something worse!). I prefer to sit and take it all in, but I do like watching the humans who dance, and the less they care about how they dance the better.

New Zealand has been getting more high-profile musicians touring in recent times, and Dunedin has been getting its fair share.

The roads get obnoxiously busy and Facebook feeds get obnoxiously Ed Sheeran-y. It’s great for the economy and great for the fans, but it’s all just a bit too “peopley” for me

The plan for myself this year is to make the most of the incredible entertainment opportunities here in Oamaru – they’re cheap, in walking distance, you can actually move in the crowd and there are pleasant surprises to be had.

Oh, and, on occasion, I can take my dog along.trace affiliate linkZapatillas de baloncesto Nik