Sweet as . . . Oamaru cake maker and decorator Kelly Harvey at her soon to be opened shop on Lower Thames St, Tutu Hill Cakes and Gifts, which will open next month. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD

Oamaru’s Kelly Harvey loves nothing more than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they tuck into one of her sweet treats.

The cake maker and decorator is in the process of opening her first commercial premises, Tutu Hill Cakes and Gifts, on Lower Thames St, after working from her home part time for several years creating decorative cakes for occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

After hiring a commercial kitchen at Weston while planning to build one at her home, which she eventually got permission to do from the Waitaki District Council, Ms Harvey decided she would be better off opening a shop instead of continuing to operate from home.

While there’s still plenty of work to do before the planned opening day on September 12, she was excited about what the future held.

“Everyone wants a cake shop in Oamaru. This place was actually built as a cake shop by the owner’s family, so it’s nice to bring that back as well.

“I’m really excited. It’s nice to have a destination for it and being able to meet my customers as well, rather than talking to them over the phone.”

Her shop will sell cake by the slice or whole, as well as cupcakes and coffee.

Miss Harvey will also create chocolate bouquets and stock giftware.

The shop will initially be open four days a week between Tuesday and Friday until it is established, before its hours are extended.

“It’s a perfect place to start to know whether I’ll make it or break it,” she said.

“It’s looking really positive, which is really cool. A lot of people are messaging me saying this is awesome .. it’s so nice having so much support as well. The support has been amazing.”

A self-taught cake maker and decorator, Ms Harvey has only ever attended one class, on how to make roses.

She said the favourite part of her job was seeing how much people enjoyed her cakes.

“Seeing the reactions is awesome. I was out for tea one night and saw one of my cakes and the guy couldn’t stop smiling. It’s so nice to see that and have the comments. It’s such a nice feeling.”Sneakers Store男性必見!パイパンにしてみたらメリットしかなかった体験談