Making precinct viable over winter proving a challenge


Trying to make the historic precinct economically viable over the cold winter months is just one of the issues facing the Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust.

It came under close examination at a weekend retreat organised for the board of the trust.

“It’s clear that right now most businesses in the precinct are finding that they have a successful enterprise for seven months of the year, but for the five months over the coldest months, business drops off.”

“We have to find a solution to this.”

As part of the way to establishing the right business environment there’s been a change in the mission statement of the trust.

“It’s now “Preserving Oamaru’s unique Victorian buildings by developing Historic Oamaru into a place the local community is proud of and which visitors want to experience”.

“The ideas that surfaced over the weekend were really impressive and are now being collated by Carolyn Carter in time for Tuesday’s board meeting.”

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