Different faces . . . Grainstore Gallery owner Donna Demente will host decoration workshops ahead of next month's Midwinter Night's Dream market evening in Harbour St. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

It’s a little Shakespeare, a little Venetian and very Oamaru.

Next month, Harbour St will host a Midwinter Night’s Dream market event, complete with stalls, lanterns, bands and masks.

“We want it to be really old school, romantic and have a historic feel,” event organiser Donna Demente said.

She hoped decorations would turn the street into something resembling a scene from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

The event would run on a small budget, and would be what the community made of it, she said.

“It’s not about showy, high-tech, projection-type stuff .. it’s just going to have a whole different feel,” Ms Demente said.

“Essentially it is to make up for what we have lost with not doing Fire and Steam, but do it in such a way it doesn’t tread on any toes.

“Everyone is excited about it, I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t want to get involved and take part.”

Local businesses will be able to set up stalls for the event too, Ms Demente said.

“We want to bring the main street into Harbour St .. the idea is they will bring everything with them, including lighting.

“It is all about goodwill and everyone chipping in.”

In the lead-up to the event, Ms Demente will hold workshops at the Grainstore Gallery on Monday nights. People can help make decorations for the event.

“We really love the idea of having people coming and making masks to wear, making lanterns for the parade – it really generates a lot of anticipation that always makes the event better.

“It will be free, apart from the materials’ cost.”

The event is being held on August 21, and Harbour St will be closed from 6pm, when the market begins, to closing time at midnight.

A parade, from the RSA gardens to the Victorian precinct, will start proceedings at 5.30pm.latest jordansKamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Wows in Coat at Inauguration News