Mayor attends association meeting


The Concerned Citizens and Ratepayers Association held their monthly meeting on Monday night, which was the first of their meetings to be attended by the mayor and his wife.

Mayor Gary Kircher went along to address the group about the submissions they had sent in to the council and what was happening with them.

Concerned Citizens and Ratepayers Association chairman Warren Crawford said it was great to have the mayor come and speak.

“We weren’t really discussing anything specific as such; we were just making sure that we were up-to-date with what was happening with the submissions we sent in regarding the dog bylaws and the aviaries.”

Mr Crawford said the mayor had nothing but positive things to say.

“He was thankful for our submissions, which showed our views about some of the proposed changes in the Parks and Reserves Draft Management Plan.”

Mr Crawford was thankful for the mayor attending the meeting and hoped to see him more in the future.

“It would be nice if he could attend some more in the future, but we won’t get too carried away, we were all really impressed by what he had to say though.”


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