Meet the ‘Mamma Mia!’ cast


Mamma Mia! It’s going to be a massive show at the Oamaru Opera House next month. In the build-up to the major production by Musical Theatre Oamaru, the Oamaru Mail is introducing you to the 12 leading cast members, two by two. Today we present the second pair.

Performer: Jack McGeown (17).

Stage character: Eddie. He’s a sidekick to Sky.

Occupation: Year 13 pupil at Waitaki Boys’ High School.

Experience: About 10 years. I started in Cats then moved on to Les Miserables for my first leading role – I played Gavroche. Then I just did a lot of small roles from there as my voice sort of deepened. I’ve also helped out with children’s theatre productions. When you’ve worked really hard to create a product on stage, and you perform it, there’s a bond between fellow cast members, but also with the audience. The feeling at the end of a show is unmatchable.

If you entered “New Zealand’s Got Talent”, what would you perform?: I’m not much of a singer any more, so that’s out the window. I’m not much of an impersonator, and I can’t do backflips. I’d probably just make up some really bad jokes.


Performer: Ryan Algar (24).

Stage character: Pepper. Much like the condiment, he considers himself sort of hot and spicy. He sees himself as being a bit of a hit with the ladies. Whether they see him like that is another matter.

Occupation: Slaughterman at Oamaru Meats.

Experience: I started off going to watch my father perform in repertory theatre and in musicals. My first musical was when I was 14, but I’d been involved in repertory and other things before that. Chicago was my last musical here, and Oklahoma! was my first. There are a number of things I enjoy about it. There’s very much a sense of family, and there’s a huge amount of fun, right up until the point of the last show. What I find most addictive is the feeling from an audience at the end of a performance, when you’ve presented them with your soul, basically.

If you entered “New Zealand’s Got Talent”, what would you perform?: Hah, OK. I’d have to find a talent first. I’d probably try to improvise something. Just pull something out of my hat.Running sportsAir Jordan