Meeting to discuss the future of RSA


Eighteen months after after dealing with financial issues, the North Otago Returned Services’ Association will hold a meeting on October 12 to discuss its future.

“We are not the only club under financial pressure. Most of the clubs around are under pressure financially,” said North Otago RSA committee member Peter Huddlestone.

The aim of the meeting is for RSA members to decide what should happen with the association.

The two-storey building on Itchen St includes a hall, kitchen, bar, offices and various other facilities.

Mr Huddlestone said the RSA would remain open to members and the public.

“We won’t be closing. The meeting is being called a special general meeting to discuss a few things regarding the future of the club because we have a few things which need to be sorted.”

The club is without a president after Ian McKay stood down from the position recently due to health reasons.

Numbers at the club are also declining.

“We struggling a bit for numbers because everyone is getting older,” Mr Huddlestone said.

Vice-president Cameron Tither has taken over the role of president until it is discussed in more detail what should be done.

It was believed the secretary and another member board member had also stood down, but a secretary has in fact been appointed by the executive.

Mr Huddlestone said the idea of the meeting was to gain help from the members.

“We have a meeting every six months and it’s about time to hold that again.”


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