A fresh art . . . Artists Kit Macgregor and Alison Bevers hope their new studio-gallery in Harbour St will attract more visitors. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Kit Macgregor and Alison Bevers have been difficult to find, but now you just have to follow the music.

The Oamaru artists have recently opened a new studio-gallery in Harbour St. They hope the new space will attract more foot traffic than their old space, The Loft, above Harbour St Collective Cafe.

Macgregor said many people did not know about The Loft.

“We got two to three people a day, sometimes no-one,” he said.

“It’s a great space [but] if you want to sell art it’s hopeless.”

They also opened The Butcher’s Hook gallery in Tees St in 2019, but felt like the area was a bit ignored compared with Harbour St.

So when second-hand store Nanna Bangles moved from its spot in Harbour St to Nelson, they decided to open a new studio-gallery in the empty space.

Despite the much smaller working environment than The Loft, the couple enjoyed working closely together.

During lockdown, they started playing music together – Bevers on the violin and Macgregor on the guitar – and had since started playing gigs in Oamaru and Dunedin.

They also regularly played at their new Harbour St studio, and music could often be heard floating down Harbour St.

Macgregor said it sometimes drew people in to the studio.

“I’d much rather people watch me play than watch me make art,” he said.

But that was part of the magic of a studio-gallery, they said.

“It’s nice having people coming in, because we had so few people before.”

They had not come up with a name for the new gallery yet, but were playing with the idea of calling it “6A”, after its address in Harbour St.

They will continue to run The Butcher’s Hook gallery in Tees St.