Refresh . . . Waimate 50 president Rob Aikman said cancelling this year's event was a tough call to make, but would allow for more time to plan the 2021 event. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

Waimate residents are opening their doors to visitors to the town for the Waimate 50.

On August 14, Waimate 50 posted a notice on its Facebook page asking if anyone had houses or rooms available to rent for the Labour Weekend event.

Waimate 50 president Rob Aikman said the response had been positive so far and he had about 10 houses on offer, as well as other options.

“It has allowed us to accommodate other people. It is not everyone, but it is some that would have perhaps decided to go somewhere else,” Aikman said.

Some of the teams coming had up to 20 people, so it suited them to be able to stay close to the action, he said.

The motorsport club would still be interested to hear from residents who might be leaving town for the weekend, or had space available, Aikman said.

“It is a good way for people who might be heading away for the weekend to make a few extra bucks.”

The event typically attracted about 10,000 people over the weekend, depending on the weather, but Aikman said he was hoping for more this year.

“We do have a few more events and big names this year,” he said.

“Hayden Paddon is a big name for us and we have a lot of the top drift guys in the country this year – Daniel Woodhouse, Curt Whittaker, Cole Armstrong, Darren Kelly.

“We probably have the best assembly of those guys there has been in a long time. We have probably captured a few of those past champions who don’t compete any more, but are coming to Waimate.”

The Waimate 50 was a popular event for competitors, as it was one of the few street events left in the country, Aikman said.

Overall, things were going well with the planning for the event and there had been a very good quality of entries, he said.

The Waimate 50 is held over Labour Weekend in October. Events are planned for the Thursday and Friday, before the main action on Saturday and Sunday.latest RunningM2k Tekno