Wiped out . . . Rebecca Heffernan (left) and Rebecca Meek try out some of the obstacles at the Oamaru Racecourse that will feature in the Whitestone Wipe Out. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Competitors in the inaugural Whitestone Wipe Out will soon be slipping, sliding, jumping and clambering around the Oamaru Racecourse.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 7 and will take place on a 5km trail around the course.

Mud, water and obstacles will feature to put competitors to the test.

The event, loosely based on the Mud, Sweat and Tears event in Dunedin, was created by St Joseph’s Home and School Committee members Rebecca Heffernan and Rebecca Meek.

The idea came up after the committee was thinking of new ways to do fundraising for the school.

Mrs Heffernan believed the Whitestone Wipe Out would be the first event of its kind in North Otago.

“We’re trying to go away from just tapping into that school community for the fundraising dollar and go to the wider community,” Mrs Heffernan said.

She said said she knew of people from North Otago who participated in similar events in South Canterbury and Otago.

It was hoped the Wipe Out could reel in people who attended those events.

“We just want to stretch it out so we’ve got a bigger pool of people wanting to be involved.”

The event had taken about 18 months to organise and there was still more preparation to complete.

A Facebook page had been set up to promote the event and early registrations would be accepted soon.

A big goal for Mrs Heffernan and Mrs Meek was that the Wipe Out would encourage families to be more proactive by spending time with each other.

“Having anybody out there is going to be good on the day,” Mrs Meek said.

There would be optional areas on the course for people who wanted to test their endurance and go the extra mile.

A smaller track – the “peewee track” – would be available for smaller children who wanted to take part, and there would be spot prizes for the wackiest dress and the furthest distance travelled.

Money raised from the event would go towards resources that would benefit the school, Mrs Heffernan said.

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