Museum to hold WWI exhibition


The North Otago Museum will be holding a World War 1 exhibition starting in September to commemorate 100 years since the beginning of the war.

The exhibition will be titled ‘From little towns in a far land’ which is a quote from Rudyard Kipling that is on the Oamaru War Memorial for WWI.

Curator Chloe Searle said the exhibition will be opened in September (date yet to be confirmed) and will run into 2015 to give people a chance to see it.

It will look at the impact of the war on the lives of men and women through personal letters, post cards and other items, she said.

WWI related items in the museum and archive collection will be displayed with some background information provided.

When Ms Searle started the research she thought there might not be many WWI items but found the museum actually had a really good collection.

“The one thing that really sticks out is a christening gown that was worn by three people who served in World War One.”

When people think about war items they immediately think of medals and weapons but this gown makes you think about the men from when they were babies and how their lives progressed, she said.

It will be the first time, in her memory, the museum has held an exhibition specifically dedicated to WWI.



HISTORY OF WAR: Curator Chloe Searle with a christening gown that was used by three men who served in WWI and a uniform in the background.

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