Female focus . . . Karina Timpson, who has taken over the Oamaru Rowing Club gym, is passionate about women's health. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Women and their wellness is a passion of new gym owner Karina Timpson.

Ms Timpson took over the lease of the gym upstairs at the Oamaru Rowing Club last week, and hoped to have it completely operational by the end of the month.

She was in the process of moving gear in, and waiting for new equipment to arrive.

‘‘That’s been held upa wee bit with Covid. So that’s in Auckland. I’ve got some really awesome pieces of equipment coming.’’

Ms Timpson, who had previously leased the gym space from former owner Jamie Rhodes, continued to run her women’s groups and her set clients with what she already had, but was looking forward to welcoming other members back when she could.

She had been working in the fitness industry in Oamaru for about 12 years, and said her focus was definitely on looking after her female clients.

The satisfaction she got from her job was not the physical results her clients achieved, but ‘‘all the other stuff that comes with it’’.

‘‘So, the self-confidence, the just being able to get out with their kids. Because that was always my goal when I started, was to be an active mum as my kids were growing up. Yeah, it’s that stuff, it’s all of the emotional stuff.

‘‘I love when people are feeling good. I love my clients, that’s why I do what I do.’’

Ms Timpson had been studying female hormones, and pre and post-menopausal support, which was ‘‘just a different kind of support’’.

‘‘Also, the pre and post-natal is a field that I’m really interested in, and will be bringing in a wee bit more to my gym for my clients.’’

As a mother of three herself, with sons Josiah (15) and Max (13) at high school and daughter Elyse (10) in her final year of primary school, Ms Timpson was busy outside of work too, and with 40 clients already on her books, she wasn’t looking to grow her client base too much. A smaller group allowed her to specialise, which was what she preferred.

She believed the biggest challenge facing women who wanted to prioritise their health was lack of support.

‘‘Having, I think, someone that’s invested and cares — and that’s what I love to do.

‘‘I’ve done lots of life coaching and wellness coaching, so it all comes together, and I think that’s what makes a big difference, is that they know someone’s right along there with them.’’

Ms Timpson was a level 5 qualified personal trainer, and a wellness and green prescription coach.

‘‘So if people go to the doctor, and the doctor says you need someone that can help you with your blood pressure, or your weight, then come and see me.’’

She was also an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, which helped her relate and communicate with clients, she said.

The gym would be accessible 24/7 for members, with key access, and she would be available to help members if they wanted it, which is why she was limiting numbers.

‘‘I’ve had lots of interest though, so I might look to take on another trainer in the near future — maybe an apprentice or something, would be great.’’

Ms Timpson loved the community at the gym, and there were a lot of people who had been using it for years, and liked to do their own thing, which she was also happy to support.

‘‘I myself have been coming here for about 10 years, so it’s always been quite an active gym. I’m just looking to maybe modernise it.’’

Being part of the rowing club building added a great dynamic to the gym, too, and Ms Timpson hoped to be able to help with some high school training in the off-season.

She also wanted to offer training to teenage girls and younger women, to help give them more confidence.

‘‘Maybe kids that don’t like to play sport. Something different.

‘‘Mental health is so important — it’s not just adults that struggle, it’s teenagers and young people too . . .it’d just be so great to spark something in younger people too.’’

Inquiries about joining the gym could be made now by messaging Ms Timpson on her ‘‘Coach K’’ Facebook page or emailing