Up for grabs . . . Weston School pupil Molly Webster (9) with the two bikes which have been donated to the Home and School fundraiser and are being sold through a silent auction. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Weston School Rogaine can now go ahead without number restrictions and is open to all.

The Home and School fundraiser, which takes place tomorrow, was initially going to be limited to two 100-person waves, to accommodate Covid restrictions under the Red traffic light setting.

Now those restrictions had been lifted, planning was much more straightforward, rogaine organiser Twyla Kingan said.

‘‘It’s made logistics lots easier for us.’’

Registrations were now closed online, but teams could register on the day between 8.45am and 9.30am.

The race would begin at 10am and participants had three hours on the course.

A prizegiving could now also be held, Mrs Kingan said.

‘‘That’s the beauty of these restrictions being lifted . . . it’s a nice way to finish it, and recognise the ones that have done really well.’’

Two children’s bikes and two lots of one night’s accommodation at Mariner Suites had been donated, and would be sold by silent auction. There would also be spot prizes.

More than 100 people had registered for the event by the beginning of the week, and Mrs Kingan expected quite a lot might choose to register on the day.

‘‘I think with Covid, people are waiting to either finish their isolation or hope that they’re not in isolation, I guess.’’

The course had been set, and was looking good, she said.

‘‘It’s always good when an event can go ahead.’’