NZTA apologises for misleading sign


The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has apologised for confusing motorists with an incorrectly programmed speed feedback sign in Hampden.

The sign, installed on December 20, told drivers travelling more than 50kmh to slow down, despite the speed limit being 60kmh.

NZTA senior network manager Chris Harris said the contractors were working on the problem this week. The sign was due to be recalibrated yesterday.

“We apologise to local travellers in particular who are getting the incorrect message,” Mr Harris said.

The new NZTA speed feedback sign had a set layout, with the speed displayed and a “slow down” message, rather than the “smiley face” seen on other designs, Mr Harris said.

“The display which is smaller and also more expensive” he said.

“The set layout sign was selected to achieve a consistent approach on Otago and Southland state highways while maintaining value for money.”

The installation of the sign was welcomed by Hampden School pupils and principal Matt Hannagan.

“It makes the community very happy to have an effective tool for slowing traffic,” Mr Hannagan told the Oamaru Mail last year.latest Running Sneakers大注目アイテム!モンスターパーカーを使ったおすすめコーデ12選