Oamaru’s ‘imagineers’ win award for fantasy festival


The Sir Julius Vogel award has been awarded to a group of Victorian “imagineers” for their efforts with the Steampunk festival over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The award was given to them because of their efforts in creating a science fiction fantasy festival.

Science Fiction Fan Association of New Zealand runs the competition for the Sir Julius Vogel award and through fan vote, it was decided The League of Victorian Imagineers were a deserved winner.

Voting on the Sir Julius Vogel Awards takes place before and at the National Science Fiction convention each year. You are eligible to vote if you are a member of SFFANZ or a the National Science Fiction convention that year.

Iain Clark, who is one of the founders of the League of Victorian Imagineers which came together in 2009, said it was great to win the award.

“The group is very proud to have won the award through the efforts of this year’s Steampunk festival,” he said.

The group was set up in 2009 and now has members from as far afield as the UK and Italy.


AWARD: Iain Clarke with the Sir Julius Vogel award, which won by his League of Victorian Imagineers Group for their efforts at Steampunk.

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