Old boy rewarded for ‘exemplary service’


Sixty-two years’ service to the Waitaki Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Association has been acknowledged with a special honour for Garry Jamison.

The retired accountant has been presented with an “exemplary service” medal for his contribution to the organisation, of which he was already a life member.

He was a pupil at the school from 1951 until 1957, starting at the Junior High School that was later replaced by Oamaru Intermediate School.

“I joined the old boys’ association on the day I left school. The sub was either five bob or 10 bob at the time.”

Mr Jamison went to Dunedin to work for the Government’s tourism department before being transferred to Wellington. While there, he studied for his accountancy qualifications at Victoria University.

Although he loved living in the capital city, his asthma worsened to the point where his doctor advised him to leave.

He returned to Oamaru in 1962 and has lived in this district ever since.

He immediately became the secretary of the Oamaru branch of the old boys’ association. As the president of the national executive in 1990 and 1991, he teamed up with George Berry and then-rector Rory Gollop to establish the Waitaki Boys’ High School Foundation, a major source of finance for the institution.

Mr Jamison was also a member of the Waitaki Boys’ Community Association – the equivalent of other schools’ parent-teacher association, with the important difference that non-parents could join.

As one of the latter, Mr Jamison said he was able to question management decisions without fear of repercussions for his children.

He audited the old boys’ association accounts for many years, only recently relinquished the task.

He still audits the community association books.affiliate tracking urlArchives des Sneakers