After being closed for almost 20 years, the Waitaki Aquatic Centre’s 3m diving tower platform will soon be reopened.

Not with a diving board, as it was originally designed for, but a new “bombing platform”.

Waitaki Aquatic Centre manager Matthew Lanyon said the new platform required sign-off by an engineer but was on track to open in time for the school holidays.

The Waitaki Aquatic Centre opened on January 1, 2000. Later that year, the diving board was closed because of safety concerns, including the clearance height from the 3m board to the ceiling.

The springboard was removed and the platform fenced off. A slide into the pool was installed so the tower had some use.

The new bombing platform had been installed in recent weeks.

“It’s not that exciting to look at, but the potential for our customers is pretty cool,” Mr Lanyon said.

“It’s just another feature that gives the kids that

“We’re in the testing phase at the moment, we need to get it signed off by an engineer, but we aim to have it open for the school holidays.”

The public viewing area was also getting a makeover this week.

Next year, as the pool celebrates 20 years since it opened, more renovations were planned, including upgrades to the changing rooms.

“As the pool gets older, things get worn out and need replacing,” Mr Lanyon said.

Visitor numbers at the pool over winter and spring had been “steady”.

Off-peak rates had been introduced between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday, as a trial to encourage adults to use the pool when it was less busy, rather than compete for very busy pool space after school.

“It’s a bit like peak traffic; all the cars go on the road at 5pm, 5.30pm here and throughout the whole country,” he said.

“Everyone wants to come for a swim at 5 to 5.30pm.”

The trial had been “really successful” and off-peak rates had become part of normal business.bridgemediaMens Flynit Trainers