Arrival . . . Brydone food and beverage manager Charlotte Kingan and maintenance manager Richard Win take delivery of a keg in the cellar, affectionately known as "the dungeon". PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

If you hear a colossal racket outside the Brydone Hotel on a Friday afternoon, don’t be alarmed.

The historic hotel has reverted to the old-fashioned way of getting kegs of beer into its cellar.

The racket is the sound of kegs rolling down a hatch on Wear St.

Brydone food and beverage manager Charlotte Kingan said she understood the chute had been there since the hotel was built.

In recent times, the kegs had been wheeled on a trolley through the front door and carried down the internal stairs to the cellar. However, about three years ago there were no male staff to carry the kegs and the women struggled with them, Miss Kingan said.

She figured “there must be an easier way”, so she reinstated use of the chute.

Not only did it save a lot of manual labour, it was much safer for both the public and staff.

Miss Kingan said she had worked at the Brydone for two years before she knew the chute existed.

It now attracted attention each time it was used.

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